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Fishing Tournament Permits

Request a Fishing Tournament Permit

Fishing tournament permits are required whether or not a fee is due.

To request a permit to hold a fishing tournament on a Tulsa District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lake, download the 2016 Fishing Tournament Permit Application Form and complete it.

2016 Fishing Tourney Application.pdf

1. Fill out Part A of the application - Sponsor information, tournament dates, etc., with the signature of the sponsor.

2. Fill out Part B if the tournament will be hosted at a State Park, marina or concession (obtain permission from the host area).

3. Mail the permit application with a check for the appropriate fee to the lake office. Checks should be made payable to: FAO, USAED, TULSA. Write the name of the ramp area and date of the event on your check. There are no refunds.

4. Review the permit when it arrives

5. After the tournament, review your actual tournament participation and compare it with your pre-tournament application. If there were more boats in the tournament than you anticipated, you are required to remit the differences in fees to the Corps of Engineers lake office within 30 days of the completion of the tournament.

6. Send tournament results to the state department of wildlife as required by state law in which the tournament is held.

Fishing Tournament Permit Rates

15 Boats or Less and 100% Payback to Contestants  No Cost 
15 Boats or Less and less than 100% Payback to Contestants        $75
16 Boats or more (regardless of payback)  $75 (or set by lake manager) 
If Held in a State Park or Concession (with permission)