Life jacket loaner board in the sunset at Hwy 9 Landing north at Eufaula Lake.
Tainter gates open at Eufaula dam.
Squirrel resting from the heat on birdhouse at Eufaula Lake.
Stormy weather over Lake Eufaula
Boaters in cover at Dam Site South at Lake Eufaula

Eufaula Lake Recreation

Fishing and Hunting

Fishing and wildlife resources at Eufaula Lake provide a wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities.  Year-round fishing is good, but for total outdoor experience, spring and fall are the best times of the year, with excellent fishing and with some of the most spectacular scenery in the State of Oklahoma.  Striped bass, largemouth bass, white bass, crappie, catfish, walleye and numerous sunfishes provide most of the sport and panfishing success.

Project lands are open for public hunting, except for developed park areas and lands in the vicinity of the dam and other project structures.  The principal game species include bobwhite quail, deer, cottontail rabbit, squirrel, duck, geese and mourning dove.

Hunting and fishing are regulated by state and federal laws, and the same licenses are required as in other parts of Oklahoma.  Public hunting maps showing both Corps and State areas open for hunting are available from the Eufaula Lake Project Office at the dam and on this website.

Camping and Picnicking

Nineteen park areas have been developed by the Corps of Engineers.  The State of Oklahoma maintains two park areas, including covered fishing docks, stables, nature trails, service docks, golf courses, campgrounds and air parks.  An area of 110 acres is leased to the City of Eufaula for a public park.  Improved access roads lead into the park areas, all of which have boat launching ramps.  The major camping sites and picnic areas are furnished with restrooms, parking areas, picnic shelters, drinking water, charcoal grills and trash containers.  Numerous commercial concessions around the lake provide visitors with supplies as well as dining and recreational opportunities.


Boating on the lake is in accordance with Oklahoma boating laws and Corps of Engineers regulations.  Regulations governing operational requirements of boats may be obtained from the Eufaula Lake Project Office near the dam.  Operate your boat in a controlled safe manner at all times.


Whether one travels by land or water, Oklahoma’s natural beauty may be seen in nearly every nook and cranny of the lake area.  Boaters on Eufaula Lake are continually awed by the change in shoreline scenery – meandering chains of bays and channels set in rolling prairie backed by many lofty hills.  Four-lane highway access is excellent in the area.  Interstate 40 is open east and west and both the Indian Nation and Muskogee Turnpikes serve the area north and south.  State Highway 9 and black top or gravel roads offer many scenic views of the lake.  Driving down U.S. Highway 69 from Checotah to McAlester, a person can see water everywhere on both sides of the highway – and will be looking at only a small portion of this gigantic lake.


There are two dedicated swim beaches in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers parks, one located at Highway Landing 9 north and the other at Porum Landing.  These beaches require a fee to swim.  All other US Army Corps of Engineers parks have areas available to swim free of charge.


Two picturesque trails are located at Eufaula Lake.  The Dogwood Trail, located in Belle Starr Park South, is approximately one mile in length.  Winding over soft, sandy soil and passing through heavily wooded areas, the trail offers something of beauty and interest throughout the seasons.

The Terrapin Trail is located at Dam Site South park area.  It winds ¾ mile through the woods above the swimming beach.  The trail takes one through a diverse forest community featuring large red cedar trees.  Spring and fall are the best times to enjoy the scenic beauty that is along every step of the way.  There are also hiking and equestrian trails located in the state parks, Arrowhead and Eufaula State Park (formerly Fountainhead).