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Tulsa District Professional Reading and Writing Program

Why We Read

While practical experience, realistic training, and formal education are indispensable for the development of first-class leaders and engineering professionals, so too is independent study. A program of independent reading keeps the mind fresh and enhances professionalism within our organization. To that purpose, the District Engineer and Tulsa District Commander has developed this Professional Reading List, to encourage professional development of the Tulsa District workforce. Selected articles and books are included to encourage exposure to ideas and thoughts. The presence of a book or article on this list is not an endorsement of main ideas, themes or central theses by the Tulsa District specifically or the U.S. Government in general. This list is an educational tool to encourage critical thinking by the workforce.  

Why We Write

Tulsa District leaders and subject matter experts must contribute to the body of thought in their fields of expertise by researching and writing about topics that interest them, while highlighting the District's unique challenges and the means and methods taken by the members of our team of experts to overcome engineering obstacles and set the standard for other professionals in their fields of expertise to follow. By writing and publishing papers, District employees have the unique opportunity to advance their profession, their mastery of their discipline, and their writing skills.

Commander's Reading List

The attached document contains a list of general leadership books and articles selected by the Tulsa District Commander. No endorsement of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is implied.

Functional Area Reading

The attached list is organized by functional area and includes books recommended by Tulsa District managers and employees that will benefit their sections. This list was created as a training tool for employees. The selected submissions are readings that Tulsa District functional area managers believe will benefit employees in their knowledge of the Tulsa District and in the performance of their duties. The presence of a book or article on this list is not an endorsement by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Tulsa District Functional Area Reading List.pdf