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Tulsa District Meet-the-Corps Day FY21 Date/Location To Be Determined

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Open to Large and Small businesses. The event will include briefings from Tulsa District staff and opportunities to meet with Government representatives and other businesses.


Previous Meet-the-Corps Day 2018

Previous Meet-The-Corps Slides Available here


Business Development Office

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District (SWT), develops small businesses and maximizes their opportunities for our procurements within SWT footprint on a continual basis, thereby ensuring a broad base of capable small business firms to support our mission and strengthen our Nation's economic development.

What Does SWT Buy?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers buys a variety of supplies, construction and engineering and other services.  

Examples of these acquisitions:

  • Construction -- Barracks, dining facilities, maintenance shops, hangers, hospitals, airfields, roads, levees, dams, dredging, and navigation.
  • Engineering Services -- Concept studies, master planning, engineering studies, all types of surveying and mapping, engineering design and construction and inspection services.
  • Other Services -- Refuse collection, grounds maintenance, janitorial, oversee and maintain recreational parks
  • Supplies and Equipment -- Generators, turbines, HVAC equipment, electronic gear, repair parts, lumber, riprap, stone cement, and pre-fab buildings.
  • Through Regional Planning and Environmental Center (RPEC) Environmental Services -- Consulting Services, Remediation, FUDS, Studies, and Investigation

What about IT related contracts?

On Aug. 15, 2014, USACE officially announced the award of its $517 million Army Corps of Engineers Information Technology (ACE-IT) Information Management and Information Technology Services (AIES) contract to Vectrus Systems Corporation. AIES is USACE’s next-generation contract vehicle for acquiring information management and information technology support services. The contract is for one year, with four one-year options that, if used, will extend the contract through 2019. AIES is a services contract.  For equipment and software purchases, we are required to use *CHESS.  Therefore, there are very limited opportunities outside of AIES and CHESS to buy IT supplies or services.

If you are primarily a vendor of equipment or software, there are two options for access to CHESS contracts: 1) watch for periodic solicitations for upcoming work, 2) go to to see current hardware and software contracts to subcontract with.  If you are  primarily a vendor of IT services, the current enterprise contact with USACE will be replaced by the end of the FY.  Once awarded, we will post a POC for that company.

Point of Contact

Gene Snyman

Deputy, Small Business Program

Office: 918-669-7010

Cell: 918-398-3712


The Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act (SBREFA) of 1996 provided for review panels to allow greater participation of small businesses in the federal regulatory arena.

SBREFA created Small Business Advocacy Review (SBAR) panels, which certain agencies (Environmental Protection Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) must convene prior to proposing rules that would have a substantial effect on a significant number of small entities.

See Recent Panels here.

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