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Posted 10/9/2013

Release no. 26

Ross Adkins


Sara Goodeyon

TULSA, Okla. — The shutdown of the federal government for lack of fiscal 2014 funding has caused the closure of Tulsa District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds and day-use areas.

Affected recreation areas will not reopen until after the shutdown lifts. Some USACE-operated campgrounds and day-use parks may remain open during the shutdown if visitor service requirements can be met, and the public’s safety can be assured. 

Some boat ramps within the Tulsa District are open. Here is a list of those ramps:

Lake/Project               Available Boat Ramps (Total on Lake)

-       Birch                           Birch Cove (1);

-      Skiatook                      Black Dog (1);

-      Copan                         Washington Cove, Osage Plains (2);

-      Hulah                           Wah-Sha-She Park, Skull Creek, Turkey Creek (3);

-      Kaw                             Pioneer, McFadden, Osage Cove (3);

-      Oologah                      Redbud Boat Ramp, Hawthorn Ramp, Clermont Park, Sunnyside Ramp, Vada Point, Double Creek, Allen’s Point, Winganon Ramp, Big Creek (9);

-      Keystone                     Keystone State Park, Walnut Creek State Park, New

Mannford Ramp, Prairie View Ramp, Cowskin South, Cowskin North, Keystone Ramp(7);

-      Heyburn                      No ramps accessible (0);

-      Canton                        Canadian Day Use Area (1);

-      Ft. Supply                    Beaver Point, Supply Park (2);

-      Ft. Gibson                   Mission Bend, Three Fingers Bay, Toppers, Wildwood, Hulbert Landing, Earbob, Spring Creek, Big Hollow, Sequoyah State Park, Choteau Bend, Mazie Landing, Whitehorn Cove, Long Bay Landing, Taylor Ferry North Day-Use Area, Taylor Ferry Marina, Jackson Bay Marina (15);

-      Tenkiller                      Blackgum Landing, Caney Ridge, Strayhorn Day Use, Sizemore Landing, Carters Landing, Chicken Creek South, Standing Rock, Carlile Cove, Cato Creek (9);

-      Webbers Falls Three Forks Harbor, Spaniard Creek Day Use, Highway 10 Landing (3);

-    McClellan Kerr            Coal Creek, Highway 33 Landing, Rogers Point (3);

-      Eufaula                        Cardinal Point, Crowder, Eufaula Cove, Gaines Creek, Onapa Cove, Arrowhead Park, Fountainhead, Hickory Point, Hwy. 31, Holiday Cove, Juniper Point, Mill Creek, Rolling Oaks, Arrowhead Estates, Duchess Creek Acres, Indian Springs, Leisure Heights, Sherwood Forest, Rolling Oaks, Oakwood Harbor, Russel Point, Sand Bass Bay 2, Rock Creek, Greer Heights, Carr Creek, Terra Starr, Crescent Hills, Enchanted Oaks, Sunset Heights, Hickory Hills, Paradise Point, Fountain Bleu, Southport, Bridgeport, Atlee Cove, Green Briar, Bristow Point, Castaway Cove, Piney Creek, Snug Harbor, Brush Hill, Buds Point, Bugtussel, Rock Creek Lots, Leisure Land, Push Hill, Eagle Bluff, Grand View, Pollard Addition, Mason Oaks, Sam’s Point, Sheppard Estates, Twin Mountain, Sooner Haven, Alta Vista (59);

-      Robert S. Kerr Applegate Marina, Tamaha Landing, Keota Landing, Otter Landing, Gore Landing (5);

-      W.D. Mayo                  LeFlore Landing (1);

-      Wister                          Conser Landing, Potts Creek, Potts Mountain, Quarry Isle, Victor Landing, Wichita Ridge (6);  

-      Texoma                       West Juniper Point, Spillway Ramp, Cedar Mills Resort, Mill Creek, Highport, Lighthouse Resort, Grandpappy Point, Eisenhower State Park, Simmons Shores Subdivision, Preston Shores, Hiland Shores, Elks Club, Texas Instruments, Cambridge Shores, Texoma Estates, Russwood on the Lake, VFW, HITEX, American Legion – Preston, Shoreline Estates, Island View – Grayson County, Big Mineral Camp, Gainesville Boat Club, American Legion – Gainesville, Sherwood Shores, Paw Paw Creek, Sheppard Air Force Base, Colbert Boat Club, Texoma State Park, Lost Acres, Newberry Creek, Pennington Creek, Methodist Church Camp, Sandy Beach, Edgewater Heights, Island View, Cardinal Cove, O.U. Biological Station, Oakview Addition, Walnut Creek Resort, Willow Springs Resort, Preston Bend Resort, Paradise Cove Resort, Flowing Wells Resort, Cedar Bayou Resort, Rock Creek Resort, Cumberland Cove, Bridgeview Resort, Little Glasses Resort, Alberta Creek Resort, Roads End, Soldier Creek, Arrowhead Point, Lebanon (68);

-      Waurika                       Chisholm Trail North, Wichita Ridge, Kiowa II (3);

-      Hugo                           Frazier Point, Salt Creek, Sawyer Bluff, Rattan Landing, Hugo State Park (5);

-      Pine Creek                  Pine Creek Cove, Lost Rapids (2);

-      Pat Mayse                   Pat Mayse, Lamar Point, Pat Mayse East (3);

-      Broken Bow                 Carson Creek, Stephen’s Gap, Wildlife Management Area (3);

-      Sardis                          Narrows, Sardis Cove, Potato Hills South (3);

-      Council Grove             Marina Cove, Kansas Wildlife/Parks Ramps (3);

-      Marion                         Kansas Wildlife/Parks Ramps (2);

-      John Redmond            Otter Creek, Hartford Ramp, Strawn Ramp (3);

-      El Dorado                    Bluestem, Boulder Bluff, Shady Creek, Shady Creek Marina (4);

-      Elk City                        Elk City Lake State Park (1);

-      Big Hill                         Rea Bridge (1);

-      Fall River                     Fall River State Park, Kansas Wildlife/Parks Ramps, Rock Ridge Center Loop (5);

-      Toronto                        Cross Timbers State Park, Mann’s Cove, Toronto Park (3)


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