What We Do

Although the primary purpose of Tulsa District lakes is flood control, they also provide recreation, water supply, hydropower, navigation, and fish and wildlife habitat.

Civil Works

The district's Civil Works mission is one of the largest in the Corps of Engineers; it includes 38 multipurpose lakes and five lock and dams on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System. Eight Tulsa District dams provide hydroelectric power, which is sold by the Southwestern Power Administration, to customers municipalities and cooperatives throughout the United States. All revenues from the sale of electrical generation are returned to the U.S. Treasury.


The district's 150 miles of the MKARNS boasts the most inland, ice-free river port in America and provides waterway commerce to the heartland of the country. District projects have prevented billions of dollars in flood damages and the district's eight hydropower facilities provide about $52 million in annual sales.


With 240 parks and more than 6,000 campsites in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, more than any other district in the Corps of Engineers, the Tulsa District's recreation facilities are among the most visited in the Corps of Engineers.

Military Construction

The Tulsa District's military construction mission provides engineering and construction management services to two Army and four Air Force installations. During the last 10 years, the district has managed the design and construction of more than $1 billion in facilities for its military customers.