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Notice of Availability (Agricultural & Grazing)

2020 Notices of Availability are now available as of September 11, 2019.

Addendum to DACW56-9-20-007

Toronto Lake, Kansas

               Exhibit B from the original notice has been deleted. Areas 18 and 19 are not available for lease. Any reference to these areas is hereby deleted.

Addendum to DACW56-9-20-005

Fall River Lake, Kansas

               Exhibit A has been modified to remove from Lease Areas 59B/60A/60/61/64 pastures HL-1, HL-3, HL-4, HL-5, HL-6, which is approximately 182 usable acres. New acreage for Areas 59B/60A/60/61/64 is 789 total acres with approximately 308 usable acres.



2019 Notices previously listed are out of date and you must use the FY2020 forms if you plan on bidding.

Please click the lake or military facility name to view the Notice of Availability.

Notices of Availability are notices of Government-owned Real Property, available for agricultural, grazing, or hay harvesting purposes. This use is a beneficial management tool as a means of wildlife habitat development, prevention of undesirable vegetation or prevention of wildlife danger. Also provides monetary consideration and/or services that directly benefit the government. Sealed bid offers are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Notice of Availability.

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Meadow 5

Elk City Lake

Fall River Lake

Hugo Lake

Marion Lake - Marion lease areas have been removed from availability for the current year.

RS Kerr

Sardis Lake

Lake Texoma

Toronto Lake