You Look Best, In Your Life Vest!

Discover the Water Safety Kid's Corner - you will find lots of games, puzzles, videos  and other activities for your enjoyment.  You can watch cartoons of Bobber, the Water Safety Dog, and his friends Corky and Sinker while learning how to be safe when in, on or around the water.  There are other videos and several tips to help keep you, your family and friends water safe throughout the year.  It is important for everyone, no matter what your age, to remember that learning how to be safe when in, on or around the water is an invaluable skill to have.  Remember,  learn to swim well and . . .

Always Wear Your Life Jacket!!

Bobber the Water Safety Dog

Click on Bobber to visit his home where you can find interactive water safety information, games, and videos!

Loaner Boards

Forget your life jacket??

Borrow one from us....FREE!!

At most Corps lakes you can find a life jacket loaner station. Borrowing a jacket is EASY!

1.  Locate the loaner board
2.  Find the proper fitting size
4.  Return it

It might just save your life!!

(Most gate houses have life jackets too!)

Josh the Otter

Life Jacket Types