This page contains documents that are thought to be of interest to the public and will be supplemented as additional documents are identified.  Some documents were specifically requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), while others were produced here because public interest is anticipated.  All documents included here were reviewed for release under the FOIA, and some information may be redacted (or covered up).  Redacted information may not be releasable because of a FOIA exemption (see our FOIA page for more information about FOIA exemptions).  Even though some documents contain redactions, it is important to note that these redactions or exclusions do NOT constitute a final, appealable, determination under the FOIA.  If you require access to information that was redacted here, or to documents that are not found here at all, you must submit a proper FOIA request.  A final determination regarding the release of the information will then be made and all releasable information forwarded to you.  If you require further information, please visit our FOIA page or contact the FOIA Officer by e-mail at or by phone at (918) 669-7178.

Recently Released FOIA Documents