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"Eagle Eye" Construction Safety Award

The "Eagle Eye" program is a safety incentive award presented to contractors that increases the knowledge and awareness of contractor onsite job safety in a cooperative and competitive environment.

This program has two basic components. First is an administrative evaluation of 10 safety elements that are generally considered to be essential elements of an effective construction safety program. Each element is assigned a numerical value based upon the contractor's performance in that area. The total sum is a measure of the effectiveness of the program. The area given the most weight is whether or not the contractor has experienced any lost-time accidents.

The second program element measures the results of an on-site safety compliance inspection. If these compliance inspections identify any deficiencies from the Corps Safety and Health Requirements Manual, EM 385-1-1, then points are subtracted from the total score the contractor could have been awarded. The Safety Office is responsible for conducting these quarterly inspections on each contractor. The results of the inspections will be furnished to the Area/Resident/Project Office as soon as the reports are completed, normally within a few days.

The contractor with the top score for the quarter will be recognized with a plaque as the "Eagle Eye" Safety Program Contractor of the Quarter. The plaque will be presented within 30 days of the end of each quarter by the appropriate Area/Resident/Project Engineer.

The "Eagle Eye Contractor of the Year" winner will be selected from the top-three highest scoring contractors for the year by the Tulsa District's Executive Safety and Health Council. A bronze eagle statuette will be presented to the top contractor and will be honored in a special presentation conducted at the District Office.