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Truscott Brine Lake

Truscott Brine Lake is located at river mile 3.6 on Bluff Creek, a tributary of the North Fork of the Wichita River, approximately 3 miles northwest of Truscott, Texas. The embankment was completed in December 1982.

The salt source near Guthrie, Texas, on the South Fork of the Wichita River is pooled up using an inflatable dam at the Bateman Pump Station. From the Bateman Pump Station, the salt water is pumped through a 22-mile pipeline into the lake. Truscott Lake is totally contained with no means of discharging water. Approximately 4 million gallons of salt water per day is pumped into the lake.

The dam is an earth-filled embankment 15,500 feet long and rises to a maximum height of 107 feet above the streambed.  Truscott Brine Lake contains brine flows from collection facilities at Areas VIII and X.

The spillway is an excavated, uncontrolled, saddle type, 1,000 feet long.  Discharges of 13,200 cubic feet per second for the Standard Project Flood and 35,400 cubic feet per second for the Probable Maximum Flood could be passed by the spillway.

Estelline Springs Area V is located on the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River in Hall County, about one half mile east of Estelline, Texas. The structure is an earthen ring dike, 9 feet high and 340 feet in diameter, constructed around the brine water Estelline Springs. The weight of the water contained by the dike stops the spring from flowing. The dike has stopped about 240 tons of chlorides from entering the Red River each day since it was constructed in 1964.

What You Need to Know

  • The Fiscal Year 2022 President's Budget did not include funding for the Operations & Maintenance of the Red River Chloride Control Project, Area VIII and Area V.

  • Tulsa District has received $300,000 to initiate a Disposition Study for RRCCP to determine whether federal interest exists to retain the project for its authorized purpose, as well as possible partnership with other Federal Agencies and non-Federal Entities to take over operations and maintenance of the project or portions of the project.

  • The Tulsa District will continue to request annual O&M funding for these projects.

  • Without funding for operations and maintenance, Tulsa District has developed plans to shutdown these projects.

  • All decisions regarding operation status on these projects will be based on requests of future funding and guidance provided by Headquarters USACE.