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The Broken Bow Draft Master Plan, Sardis Lake Draft Master Plan and Pine Creek Draft Master Plan are available below.


Online Review of Master Plans

The Tulsa District, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is hosting an online review to provide information and receive public input to begin the process of revising the Master Plan for Council Grove, El Dorado, Elk City, & Marion Reservoirs. Normally, USACE would conduct a face-to-face public workshop to announce the start of the revision and to request comments from the public. However, precautions associated with the COVID-19 virus have made it necessary to conduct the public involvement process online instead of hosting a face-to-face workshop. Please watch the following video presentations or download the PDF copy to read the presentation.  The PDF copy and video presentation provide the same information.

Please note, Oologah’s Master Plan update is also in process and listed below. The public meeting was previously held on February 27 and supporting documents can be found below.

Master Plans

What is a Master Plan?

The Master Plan is the strategic land use management document that guides the comprehensive management and development of all project recreational, natural, and cultural resources throughout the life of the water resources project. Revision of the Master Plan will not address in detail the technical operational aspects of the reservoir related to the water supply or flood risk management missions of the project.

What a Master Plan is not.

The Master Plan does not entail facility designs, daily project administration details or any technical discussion regarding flood risk management, water quality, water supply, shoreline management, water level management, hydropower or navigation. Many of these topics are covered in the many other Operational Plans each lake develops separately from the master plan.

Why Revise a Master Plan?

Most Master Plans at Tulsa lakes are the original document when the lake was built.  Over the span of 40+ years, many changes have taken place including major utility and highway construction, urbanization, and evolving recreational uses. The Plan and the land classifications are in need of revision to address changes in regional land use, population, outdoor recreation trends, and USACE management policy. Key topics to be addressed in the revised Master Plan include revised land classifications, new natural and recreational resource management objectives, recreation facility needs, and special topics such as invasive species management and protection of sensitive wildlife habitat. Public participation is critical to the successful revision of the Master Plan.

The Master Planning Process


Master Plans Policy & Procedures

This link will take you to the established guidance, procedures and policies for the management of recreation programs and activities, and for the operation and maintenance of U.S Army Corps of Engineers recreation facilities and related structures, at civil work water resource projects.

Plans & OMP's

Sardis Lake, Jackfork Creek, Oklahoma

March 10, 2022

Sardis Lake DM No. 20   (10.3MB)

Land Classification Map  with imagery

Land Classification Map  street view

News Release

Sardis Lake Master Plan Scoping Public Notice 

Comment Form and Instructions   Comment period ended April 23, 2022


March 23, 2023

News Release

Sardis Lake Draft Master Plan

Comment Form and Instructions  Comment period March 30, 2023 through April 29, 2023


August 21, 2023

Sardis Lake Master Plan (Final 31.7 MB)

Sardis Lake Home Page

Broken Bow Lake, Mountain Fork River, Oklahoma

Design Memorandum No. 4B Master Plan (37 MB)

Design Memorandum No. 4B Exhibits and Drawings (20 MB) 

Design Memorandum No. 4B Appendix A (25.7 MB) 

Land Classification Map  street view

Land Classification Map  with imagery (2.36 MB)

Comment Form and Instructions  Comment period ended June 23, 2022

Presentation  (2.05 MB)

News Release

Public Notice

Moratorium on New Development  Effective 23 August 2022

May 17, 2023

News Release

Broken Bow Draft Master Plan  (62.2 MB)

Comment Form and Instructions  Comment period May 30, 2023 through June 29, 2023

Presentaion  (949 KB)

Broken Bow Lake Homepage

Pine Creek Lake, Little River, Oklahoma