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CONTRACTING OPPORTUNITIES is now the source for Solicitations. Vendors may no longer register to receive solicitations or register as a planholder on local Corps of Engineers websites; however, certain service- or supply-type solicitations may be available to be submitted only by email or fax to the local Contracting Office. 


All Contractor Performance Evaluations are now generated, reviewed, and finalized electronically via the Internet. Architect-Engineer Contract Administration Support System (ACASS) is used for A-E contracts, Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) for services, and Construction Contractor Appraisal Support System (CCASS) for construction. In 2006, Department of Defense issued a requirement that all DoD agencies implement additional security measures to protect information stored on DoD computers from unauthorized access. The Public Key Infrastructure and PKI identity certificate requirement was implemented in response to the mandate.

ACASS, CCASS, CPARS and FAPIIS(Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System) no longer require user IDs and passwords for users who logon with a PKI certificate. The PKI requirement helps protect your information from being accessed by hackers and others who do not have valid privileges. To help DoD enhance security, contractors are encouraged to purchase and use a PKI certificate; average cost is about $100-$120. To obtain a certificate, look for the heading COE Approved ECA Vendors at You may have to scroll down the page to see the list. An approved ECA vendor is one that has been validated as having processes that conform to DoD's rigorous security models. PKI certificates will not be issued to contractors in foreign countries; user IDs and passwords must be used by contractors in these instances.

For more information regarding PKI and PKI certificates, please visit