Welcome to Wister Lake

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers invites you to visit Wister Lake. This man-made lake offers many oportunities for outdoor fun and sports.

In addition to hunting, fishing, camping, picnicking and swimming, there are other opportunities for other outdoor recreation experiences such as hiking, birdwatching or wildlife photography. Services and supplies are available on access roads leading to the project and at the town of Wister.

Corps of Engineers Park Rangers will be happy to assist in assuring you a pleasant visit to the project. Please help protect the environment by keeping areas clean. Avoid damaging trees and plants, extinguish all fires and dispose of refuse properly. Have a safe, fun time, and come again.

Inquiries regarding Wister Lake and its use are welcomed by the project Manager. Copies of rules and regulations governing public use of the lake and other information may be obtained from the Wister Lake office.

The Corps of Engineers operates the Day Use site below the dam.  All camping at Wister Lake State Park is operated by the state of Oklahoma.  Information for Oklahoma State Parks and Tourism can be found on the web by typing or copying this address in a web browser http:\\www.travelok.com\