Tulsa District Jurisdictional Determinations


For the purposes of determining the applicability of regulation under the Department of the Army Regulatory Program, the Tulsa District has made the following determinations of jurisdiction pursuant to Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899.

- Determinations displayed were made beginning August 24, 2004.

- Actions posted to this page are retained on this page for five years.

For more information concerning Jurisdictional Determinations.

It is the Corps responsibility to ensure that the various types of jurisdictional determinations (JDs), their characteristics, and the reasons behind the JD request, have been adequately discussed with the requester so requesters can make an informed decision regarding what type of documentation will best serve their needs.  Therefore, prior to requesting a JD, it may be beneficial to schedule (Email: ceswt-ro@usace.army.mil) a virtual meeting with the Regulatory Office to discuss the best pathway forward for your project-specific scenario.  Then, once you are ready to request a JD, please submit the JD Request Form to ceswt-ro@usace.army.mil.

- Request for Corps Jurisdictional Determination

- Submit your e-mail:  Tulsa District Regulatory E-mail Box

Jurisdictional Determinations

Tulsa District Current Jurisdictional Determination (JD's) 

JD and Project Number recently approved:


Project Number



SWT-2024-339 Tulsa OK
SWT-2017-552 Choctaw OK
SWT-2024-311 Tulsa OK
SWT-2024-195 Tulsa OK
SWT-2023-505 Coal OK
SWT-2023-0534 Seminole OK
SWT-2024-186 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2024-201 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2023-482 Cleveland/Oklahoma OK
SWT-2024-040 Payne OK
SWT-2024-211 Grady OK
SWT-2024-082 Lincoln OK
SWT-2024-098 Canadian OK
SWT-2024-060 Payne OK
SWT-2024-41 Adair OK
SWT-2024-131 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2023-575 Fannin OK
SWT-2023-128 Sequoyah OK
SWT-2024-079 Texas OK
SWT-2023-569 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2023-555 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2024-135 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2023-528 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2023-459 McClain OK
SWT-2024-75 Oklahoma OK



Wagoner OK
SWT-2023-168 Osage OK
SWT-2024-91 Wagoner OK
SWT-2022-326 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-580 Rogers OK
SWT-2024-67 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-437 McClain OK
SWT-2023-551 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2023-183 Rogers OK
SWT-2023-570 Canadian OK
SWT-2024-24 Carter OK
SWT-2022-327 Tulsa OK
SWT-2024-49 Pottawatomie OK
SWT-2023-492 Canadian OK
SWT-2023-193 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-344 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2023-245 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2022-336 Tulsa OK
SWT-2023-493 Wagoner OK
SWT-2023-406 Cleveland OK
SWT-2022-587 Tulsa OK
SWT-2022-275 Foard TX
SWT-2022-196 Kiowa OK
SWT-2023-230 Pittsburg OK
SWT-2014-303 Tulsa OK
SWT-2023-439 McIntosh OK
SWT-2022-448 Wagoner OK
SWT-2023-325 Pottawatomie OK
SWT-2022-560 Logan OK
SWT-2023-272 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2023-233 Greer OK
SWT-2022-497 Tulsa OK
SWT-2023-53 Canadian OK
SWT-2023-425 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2022-537 Carter OK
SWT-2023-295 Tulsa OK
SWT-2023-396 Craig OK



Rogers OK
SWT-2023-283 Craig OK
SWT-2022-282 Rogers OK
SWT-2023-253 Cotton OK
SWT-2023-321 Cleveland OK
SWT-2013-196 Cherokee OK
SWT-2023-349 Pottawatomie OK
SWT-2021-494 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2012-328 Blaine OK
SWT-2023-319 Le Flore OK
SWT-2023-97 Kiowa OK
SWT-2023-213 Muskogee OK
SWT-2022-139 Okmulgee OK
SWT-2022-125 Wagoner OK
SWT-2022-160 Mayes OK
SWT-2022-582 Rogers OK
SWT-2022-553 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2023-57 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-421 Rogers OK
SWT-2023-54 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2022-559 Canadian OK
SWT-2022-536 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-662 Tulsa OK
SWT-2022-45 Tulsa OK
SWT-2022-116 Osage OK
SWT-2021-168 Rogers OK
SWT-2022-264 Le Flore OK
SWT-2022-579 Tulsa OK
SWT-2022-583 Sequoyah OK
SWT-0-15341 Tulsa OK
SWT-2022-540 Marshall OK
SWT-2022-504 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-650 Rogers OK
SWT-2021-208 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2022-456 Cleveland OK
SWT-2022-453 Canadian OK
SWT-2022-538 Tulsa OK
SWT-2022-352 Murray OK
SWT-2022-63 Mayes OK
SWT-2022-99 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-701 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2022-490 Canadian OK
SWT-0-14942 Wagoner OK
SWT-2022-26 Lincoln OK
SWT-2022-422 Ellis OK
SWT-2022-229 (1 of 3) Bowie TX
SWT-2022-229 (2 of 3) Bowie TX
SWT-2022-229 (3 of 3) Bowie TX
SWT-2021-680 Wagoner OK
SWT-2022-325 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2022-313 Tulsa OK
SWT-2022-87 Rogers OK
SWT-2022-174 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2022-158 Payne OK
SWT-2022-218 McClain OK
SWT-2022-60 McClain OK
SWT-2020-344 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-270 Creek OK
SWT-2022-197 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-466 Le Flore OK
SWT-2022-27 Osage OK
SWT-2022-181 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2022-173 Canadian OK
SWT-2019-689 Sequoyah OK
SWT-2022-119 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-219 (West) Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-219 (East) Oklahoma OK
SWT-2022-59 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-484 Rogers OK
SWT-2021-451 Mayes OK
SWT-2022-066 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-662 Hutchinson TX
SWT-2022-157 Tulsa OK
SWT-2022-156 Rogers OK
SWT-2022-056 Canadian OK
SWT-2022-141 Rogers OK
SWT-2021-123 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-653 Canadian OK
SWT-2022-61 Cleveland OK
SWT-2021-316 Cleveland OK
SWT-2021-585 Tulsa OK
SWT-2022-133 Payne OK
SWT-2021-223 Logan OK
SWT-2021-551 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-027 Tulsa OK
SWT-2015-137 Canadian OK
SWT-2022-029 Grayson TX
SWT-2021-180 Rogers OK
SWT-2021-469 Cleveland OK
SWT-2021-579 Canadian OK
SWT-2021-420 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-274 Cleveland OK
SWT-2016-539 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-468 Rogers OK
SWT-2021-543 Blaine OK
SWT-2021-465 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-419 McClain OK
SWT-2021-392 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-100 Johnston OK
SWT-2021-633 Canadian OK
SWT-2021-317 Cleveland OK
SWT-2021-304 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-239 Canadian OK
SWT-2021-574 Oklahoma OK

SWT-2021-439 - 1

SWT-2021-439 - 2

Wilbarger TX
SWT-2020-322 (3) Bowie TX
SWT-2020-322 (2) Bowie TX
SWT-2020-634 Creek OK
SWT-2021-649 Sequoyah OK
SWT-2021-610 Osage OK
SWT-2021-338 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-635 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2017-650 Kiowa OK

SWT-2021-530 - 1

SWT-2021-530 - 2

Childress TX
SWT-2021-549 Mayes OK
SWT-2021-548 Mayes OK
SWT-0-15283 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-397 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-109 Bowie TX
SWT-2021-177 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-540 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-539 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-559 Rogers OK
SWT-2021-389 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-493 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-558 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-381 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-345 Canadian OK
SWT-2021-391 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-497 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-507 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-611 Comanche OK
SWT-2021-153 Jackson OK
SWT-2021-406 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-423 Moore TX
SWT-2021-110 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-689 Mayes OK
SWT-2020-089 Potter TX
SWT-2021-118 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-326 Cleveland OK
SWT-2021-375 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-414 Wagoner OK
SWT-2021-342 Rogers OK
SWT-2017-141 Canadian OK
SWT-2021-089 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-223 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-303 Canadian OK
SWT-2021-315 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-323 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-248 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-277 Rogers OK
SWT-2021-236 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-453 Grayson TX
SWT-2021-204 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-176 Canadian OK
SWT-2021-227 Haskell OK
SWT-2021-148 Canadian OK
SWT-2018-611 Pontotoc OK
SWT-2021-210 Cleveland OK
SWT-2021-213 Canadian OK
SWT-2021-151 Johnston OK
SWT-2020-490 Caddo OK
SWT-2021-279 Custer OK
SWT-2021-233 Cleveland OK
SWT-2021-175 Canadian OK
SWT-2020-223 Wagoner OK
SWT-2021-156 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-686 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-296 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-61 Tulsa OK
SWT-2021-128 Grayson TX
SWT-2021-167 Canadian OK
SWT-2019-041 Canadian OK
SWT-2020-331 Tulsa OK
SWT-2019-629 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-694 Lincoln OK
SWT-2021-093 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-643 Mayes OK
SWT-2021-252 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2018-047 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-123 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-163 Hutchinson TX
SWT-2020-630 Canadian OK
SWT-2021-032 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-135 Pottawatomie OK
SWT-2020-530 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-598 Kay OK
SWT-2020-582 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-0137 Cleveland OK
SWT-2020-676 Muskogee OK
SWT-2019-585 Wagoner OK
SWT-2020-252 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-117 Okmulgee OK
SWT-2021-026 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2021-092 Seminole OK
SWT-2021-088 Seminole OK
SWT-2021-113 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-689 Sequoyah OK
SWT-2013-793 Custer OK

SWT-2020-213 - 1

SWT-2020-213 - 2

SWT-2020-213 - 3

SWT-2020-213 - 4

Hutchinson TX
SWT-2018-583 Tulsa OK
SWT-2019-584 Johnston OK
SWT-2020-409 Cherokee OK
SWT-2011-169 Grady OK
SWT-2021-42 Atoka Ok
SWT-2021-96 Payne OK
SWT-2020-655 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-664 Noble OK
SWT-2020-620 Tulsa OK
SWT-2019-670 Grayson TX
SWT-2020-513 Rogers OK
SWT-2021-60 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-596 Wichita TX
SWT-2021-47 Okfuskee OK
SWT-2019-219 (2) Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-597 Wichita TX
SWT-2020-561 Tulsa OK
SWT-2019-485 Rogers OK
SWT-2020-669 Payne OK
SWT-2020-392 Johnston OK
SWT-2020-391 Johnston OK
SWT-2020-536 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-693 Wagoner OK
SWT-2020-344 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-652 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-550 Pottawatomie OK
SWT-2020-488 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2017-430 Wagoner OK
SWT-2020-294 Potter TX
SWT-2020-628 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-642 Wagoner OK
SWT-2020-552 Cherokee OK
SWT-2020-641 Rogers OK
SWT-2020-459 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-543 Mayes OK
SWT-2020-531 Craig OK
SWT-2020-473 Pittsburg OK
SWT-2020-577 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-332 Rogers OK
SWT-2019-171 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-475 Bowie TX
SWT-2020-322 Bowie TX
SWT-2020-431 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-434 Payne OK
SWT-2020-412 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-348 Cleveland OK
SWT-2020-424 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-219 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-259 Canadian OK
SWT-2016-344 Johnston OK
SWT-2020-400 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-407 Wagoner OK
SWT-2020-450 Cleveland OK
SWT-2020-215 Adair OK
SWT-2020-385 Latimer OK

SWT-2020-83 Phase 1

SWT-2020-83 Phase 2

Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-354 Haskell OK
SWT-2019-564 Tulsa OK
SWT-2019-470 Payne OK
SWT-2020-150 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-382 Osage OK
SWT-2020-401 Tulsa OK


 SWT-2020-47 2

Wilbarger TX
SWT-2020-327 Cleveland OK


SWT-2020-157 - 2

Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-443 Kay OK
SWT-2019-319 Kingfisher OK
SWT-2020-143 Cleveland OK
SWT-2020-118 Hansford TX
SWT-2020-088 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-276 Canadian OK
SWT-2020-305 Seminole OK
SWT-2019-441 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-250 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2020-273 Jackson OK
SWT-2018-527 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-196 Kingfisher OK
SWT-2017-400 Cleveland  OK
SWT-2020-199 Pottawatomie OK
SWT-2020-245 Wagoner OK
SWT-2020-22 Cherokee OK
SWT-2020-149 Tulsa OK
SWT-2020-123 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-298 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-631 Canadian OK
SWT-2020-0072 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-615 Wagoner OK
SWT-2020-0054 Pottawatomie OK
SWT-2019-282 Wagoner OK
SWT-2020-90 Bryan OK
SWT-2015-437 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-518 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-357 Canadian OK
SWT-2017-650 Kiowa OK
SWT-2020-55 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-611 Rogers OK
SWT-2019-496 Canadian OK
SWT-2019-475 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-508 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-457 Woodward OK
SWT-2019-537 Caddo OK
SWT-2019-427 Tulsa OK
SWT-2019-445 Bryan OK
SWT-2019-447 Osage OK
SWT-2019-464 Canadian OK
SWT-2018-580 Mayes OK

SWT-2019-402 - 1

SWT-2019-402 - 2

SWT-2019-402 - 3

SWT-2019-402 - 4

SWT-2019-402 - 5

Fannin TX
SWT-2019-486 Muskogee OK
SWT-2019-403 Kay OK
SWT-2019-324 Mayes OK
SWT-2019-244 Marshall OK
SWT-2016-481 Lincoln OK
SWT-2019-415 Tulsa OK
SWT-2019-352 Blaine OK
SWT-2019-259 Rogers OK
SWT-2019-398 Caddo OK
SWT-2019-304 Blaine OK
SWT-2019-332 Garvin OK
SWT-2019-368 Pushmataha OK
SWT-2019-366 Kingfisher OK
SWT-2019-329 Rogers OK
SWT-2019-189 Tulsa OK
SWT-2019-224 Choctaw OK
SWT-2019-256 Pushmataha OK


SWT-2019-21 - 2

Rogers OK
SWT-2019-223 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-240 Beaver OK
SWT-2019-127 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-337 Rogers OK
SWT-2019-243 Tulsa OK
SWT-2019-238 Bryan OK
SWT-2019-203 McClain OK
SWT-2019-228 Kiowa OK
SWT-2016-617 Canadian OK
SWT-2018-472 Bryan OK
SWT-2018-590 Wagoner OK
SWT-2008-84 Rogers OK
SWT-2018-334 Dewey OK
SWT-2019-139 Wagoner OK
SWT-2019-170 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-140 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-98 Cotton OK
SWT-2008-77 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-82 Seminole OK
SWT-2019-129 Craig OK
SWT-2018-636 Garvin OK
SWT-2018-632 Creek OK

SWT-2018-605 - 1

SWT-2018-605 - 2

Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-99 Greer OK
SWT-2019-70 Potter TX
SWT-2019-65 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2019-59 Latimer OK
SWT-2019-58 Pittsburg OK
SWT-2019-50 Dewey OK
SWT-2019-45 Caddo OK
SWT-2019-43 Logan OK
SWT-2017-147 Canadian OK
SWT-2018-679 Potter TX
SWT-2018-591 Dallam TX
SWT-2018-420  Lincoln OK
SWT-2018-645  Mayes OK
SWT-2018-528  Tulsa OK
SWT-2018-443  Tulsa OK 
SWT-2018-379 Tulsa OK 
SWT-2018-590  Wagoner OK
SWT-2017-391  Rogers  OK
SWT-2018-608 Payne OK
SWT-2018-597 Wagoner OK
SWT-2017-167 Tulsa OK
SWT-2015-412 Carter OK
SWT-2018-179  Canadian OK 
SWT-2015-775  Tulsa  OK
SWT-2017-628 Rogers OK

SWT-2014-848 1

SWT-2014-848 2 

SWT-2014-848 3

Rogers OK
SWT-2017-391  Rogers  OK
SWT-2018-367 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2016-597  Oklahoma OK


Caddo OK
SWT-2018-589 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2018-588 Harmon OK
SWT-2018-540 Pittsburg OK
SWT-2018-544 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2018-374 Haskell OK
SWT-2018-498 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2016-325 Canadian OK
SWT-2018-426 Canadian OK
SWT-2018-516 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2018-477 Tulsa OK
SWT-2018-425 Tulsa OK
SWT-2018-259 Potter TX
SWT-2017-635 Payne OK
SWT-2018-261 Hardeman TX
SWT-2018-262 Hardeman TX
SWT-2018-404 Tulsa OK
SWT-2017-674 Canadian OK
SWT-2017-650 Kiowa OK
SWT-2018-210 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2018-153 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2018-90 Payne OK
SWT-2018-181 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2018-134 Payne OK
SWT-2017-59 Pontotoc OK
SWT-2018-272 Tulsa OK
SWT-2017-197 Tulsa OK
SWT-2018-282 Woodward OK
SWT-2018-410 Kingfisher OK
SWT-2018-458 Creek OK
SWT-2017-658 Montgomery KS
SWT-2017-653 Montgomery KS
SWT-2016-597 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2017-523 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2018-265 Cottle TX
SWT-2018-264 Cottle TX
SWT-2018-263 Cottle TX
SWT-2018-260 Randall TX
SWT-2018-333 Blaine OK
SWT-2018-312 Dewey  OK
SWT-2017-442(4 of 4) Tulsa OK
SWT-2017-442(3 of 4) Tulsa OK
SWT-2017-442(2 of 4) Tulsa OK
SWT-2017-442(1 of 4) Tulsa OK
SWT-2018-274 Canadian OK
SWT-2018-424 Kingfisher OK
SWT-2018-291 Cherokee OK
SWT-2018-238 Wagoner OK
SWT-2018-178 Carter OK
SWT-2018-44 McClain OK
SWT-2017-569 Randall TX
SWT-2018-346 Canadian OK
SWT-2018-210 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2018-112(1 of 4) Tulsa OK
SWT-2018-112(2 of 4) Tulsa


SWT-2018-112(3 of 4) Tulsa OK
SWT-2018-112(4 of 4) Tulsa OK
SWT-2018-266 Blaine OK
SWT-2017-47 Payne OK
SWT-2018-113 Logan OK
SWT-2017-514 Logan OK
SWT-2017-231 Wagoner OK
SWT-2017-487 Dewey OK
SWT-2017-595 Cleveland OK
SWT-2017-438 Blaine OK
SWT-2017-134 Carter OK
SWT-2017-263 Tulsa OK
SWT-2015-730 Grant OK
SWT-2017-137 Cleveland OK
SWT-2017-268 Payne OK
SWT-2016-112 Haskell OK
SWT-2017-538 Payne OK
SWT-2018-023 Payne OK
SWT-2014-242 Osage  OK
SWT-2017-672 Tulsa  OK
SWT-2017-530 Rogers OK
SWT-2017-526 Rogers OK
SWT-2016-633 Canadian OK
SWT-2017-119 Canadian OK
SWT-2016-469 Okmulgee OK
SWT-2017-151 Tillman OK
SWT-2017-165 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2017-66 Kay OK
SWT-2017-00163 Tulsa OK
SWT-2016-41 Washington  OK
SWT-2016-553  Wagoner OK 
SWT-2017-71  Marshall  OK 
SWT-2016-612  Stephens  OK
SWT-2016-539 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2016-631 Pottawatomie OK
SWT-2016-70 (1 of 2) Muskogee OK
SWT-2016-70 (2 of 2) Muskogee OK
SWT-2016-429 McCurtain OK
SWT-2015-700  Lincoln  OK
SWT-2016-559 Kay OK 
SWT-2015-319 Broken Arrow OK
SWT-2016-449 Logan OK
SWT-0-7399 Cleveland OK
SWT-2015-573 Washington OK
SWT-2014-848 Rogers OK
SWT-0-14659 Fannin TX
SWT-0-14659 Fannin TX
SWT-0-14659 Fannin TX
SWT-2016-414(1) Oklahoma OK
SWT-2016-414(2) Oklahoma OK
SWT-2016-131 Choctaw OK
SWT-2016-431 Muskogee OK
SWT-2016-311  Tulsa OK
SWT-2016-311  Tulsa OK
SWT-2016-345 Pittsburg  OK
SWT-2015-591 Wagoner  OK
SWT-2016-232 Muskogee  OK 
SWT-2016-308  Wichita  TX
SWT-2016-300 McCurtain OK
SWT-2016-278 Kay OK
SWT-2016-91 Grant OK
SWT-0-14659  Fannin TX
SWT-2016-232  Muskogee OK
SWT-2014-491  Tulsa OK 
SWT-2016-112  Haskell OK 
SWT-2016-123 Oklahoma OK
SWT-2016-172 Jefferson OK 
SWT-2016-23 Okmulgee OK
SWT-2016-33 Pontotoc OK
SWT-2016-18  Oklahoma OK
SWT-2015-696 Garvin OK
SWT-2016-36  Sequoyah  OK
SWT-2016-51 Oklahoma  OK
SWT-2016-21 Latimer OK




SWT-2015-389  Craig  OK












































Oklahoma City