Welcome to John Redmond Reservoir

John Redmond Reservoir lies in a broad, flat valley along the eastern edges of the gently rolling Flint Hills.  The Flint Hills are a bluestem grass region of natural scenic beauty and the largest remaining expanse of the original native tallgrass prairie in the nation.  The reservoir provides excellent camping areas and specialized recreation opportunities for the public who like to get away from the beaten path.  Located in the middle of the vast Central Flyway, the reservoir is on an important flight path for migratory ducks, geese, and other bird species.  Large flocks of ducks as well as snow and blue geese move through the Neosho River Valley in the spring and fall, and the Flint Hills contain the largest single concentration of greater prairie chickens in the United States.

Food, bait, tackle and fuel are available near by in Burlington, Kansas.  Camping, day use, boating, and fishing are activities available to the public.  The Otter Creek off-road vehicle area and the Hickory Creek trail are specialized activity areas.  The Otter Creek off-road area offers 240 acres of all terrain use for dirt bikes and ATV users.  

Please help keep the area beautiful for other visitors by avoiding damaging trees, plants, and other natural features.  Extinguish all fires completely and dispose of trash in the dumpster provided when leaving.

Information can be obtained by visiting the John Redmond Lake Office located at the east end of the dam.