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Shoreline Management Plans

Shoreline Management Plans help to ensure that the water area, shoreline and adjacent public land of Corps of Engineers projects are managed to protect the environment and scenic beauty of our lakes for future generations.  The plan achieves this by limiting private use of the federal resource as set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 36, Chapter III, Part 327.

 Read Title 36     327.30 Shoreline Management on Civil Works Projects

More about Shoreline Use Permit Program

***2012 Change to Shoreline Management Plans***

The following memorandum is an administrative change to Tulsa District's Shoreline Management Plans and references Section 6-02 titled Removal of Permitted Facilities.  The conditions of said titled section are contained within Section 6-01 of the Kansas plans available on this website but do not change the conditions as set forth in the memorandum.

 Removal of Permitted Facilities 

***2013 Change to Shoreline Management Plans***

The following memorandum is an administrative change to Tulsa District's Shoreline Management Plans.  The purpose of this supplement is to clarify application, construction and inspection requirements to reflect current policies and permitting procedures governing privately owned boat docks on Tulsa District lakes.

Privately Owned Boat Docks

About the Plans and Maps

Shoreline Management Plans

Shoreline Management Plans deal with private boat docks, mowing permits, and other uses of government property.  The Shoreline Management Plan, and all maps available for these projects, can be viewed or downloaded from the relevant project located on the right side of this page.

Shoreline Management Plan Maps

These maps show the zoning of parcels of the shoreline at the lakes.  Most of the projects have mutiple maps to show the zoning clearly and for these projects the zoning maps have been combined into one document.  Due to the large file size the maps may be slow to load.

Cove Maps

The cove maps (if available) are of individual coves and their allotted shoreline.  These maps indicate the amount of shoreline zoned for private floating structures.  The maps are available as a combined file and have been setup with Bookmarks to assist the user in finding the cove map of interest. 


Shoreline Management Plan Revisions

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District, is in the process of revising its Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) for the project/projects as presented below.  The purpose of the SMP is to establish policies and provide guidelines for managing the shoreline (lakeshore) and open water areas of these lakes, for the protection of desirable environmental characteristics and for the restoration of shorelines where degradation has occurred. The SMP establishes rules and guidelines for managing private uses of shoreline areas such as private boat docks and vegetation modification.

Why revise the Shoreline Management Plan?

The revision of a Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) is to address changes in land use and policies since the last SMP was published. Key topics to be addressed in the revision include revising shoreline allocations and updating the plan to incorporate changes in public law and national policies related to shoreline management. The objective of the revision and related management actions will be to achieve a balance between permitted private uses and resource protection for general public use. Public participation is critical to the successful revision of the Shoreline Management Plan.

Ft. Gibson Shoreline Management Plan Revision

A temporary moratorium has been issued on new Shoreline Use Permits at Ft. Gibson.
Follow this link to the "News Release"

The Ft. Gibson Shoreline Management Plan is currently undergoing revisions, the original plan is located on the right side of the page.  A public workshop was held on February 25, 2020.  Please follow the links below for additional information.

News Release on Public Meeting

SMP Public Meeting Information

Ft. Gibson Public Comment Instructions

Ft. Gibson Public Comment Form

The following maps for the public meeting are available for viewing.  These maps are digital working maps of the original maps located on the right side of the page. Please be aware that they are large files and may take time to open.

Maps of Ft. Gibson   This is three overall maps showing the location & individual segment maps.

Segments 1-5

Segments 6-10

Segments 11-15

Segments 16-20

Segments 21-25

May 20, 2021

The Ft. Gibson Shoreline Management Plan Draft Revision is available.  Comments will be accepted between May 20, 2021 through June 21, 2021.

News Release

Ft. Gibson Shoreline Management Plan Draft   10.3MB

Ft. Gibson Comment Form & Instructions

PDF of  the Ft. Gibson Workshop Presentation 1.53MB

 Ft. Gibson Shoreline Management Plan Presentation   (This link is to the online presentation)

December 2021
All documents for Ft. Gibson SMP will be available in this space until mid January.  The final SMP will move to the module labeled Oklahoma Projects. 

Finding of No Significant Impact 2021

Fort Gibson Shoreline Management Plan 2021 Final  (13.3 MB)

Minimum Design Standards

Standard design features are required for floating facilities authorized by the Shoreline Mangement Plans.  The following documents cover the minimum standards for floating facilities on Corps of Engineers lakes.

For Eufaula Lake, all requirements can be found in the Eufaula Lake Shoreline Management Plan available on this page.

Shoreline Use Permits

Permit conditions may vary, you can contact the lake office for more information. 

Statement of Conditions for Shoreline Use Permit

SWT Form 1133 9-2020 Shoreline Use Permit

Kansas Projects

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Shoreline Management Plan

This is the 2017 Shoreline Management Plan.  The maps are included.

Shoreline Management Plan

This is the 2017 Shoreline Management Plan.  The maps are included.

Oklahoma and Texas