Tulsa West Tulsa Levee Rehabilitation Project


The Tulsa-West Tulsa Levee rehabilitation project is a flood risk mitigation project between the Tulsa District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Tulsa Drainage District 12. The project aims to reduce flood risk for communities along the Arkansas River from Sand Springs to Tulsa.

The project began with a feasibility study appropriated by the Supplemental to the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. 

The Tulsa-West Tulsa Levee System was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the 1940s, and turned over to the levee sponsor for operation and maintenance after construction was completed.

The selected plan for the rehabilitation of Tulsa West Tulsa includes:

1) A filtered material berm with toe drain along 100 percent (entire length) of Levee A and Levee B and a robust filter at the Charles Page Blvd. floodway structure.

2) A cutoff wall to bedrock at the Superfund site at Levee A for 2,000 feet with construction easements as needed (see Real Estate Appendix F for details).

3) 3,000 feet of armored landside slope at pump station 5.

4) Two detention ponds above Levee B tieback sized to capture 1/100 AEP flood volumes.

5) Levee A and Levee B conduits that are deemed unnecessary would be abandoned and all others required for continued operation of the system would be replaced.

6) Reconstruction of pump stations 1 through 5 for Levee A and Levee B.