Public Notices

  • Public Notice: Environmental Assessment Oklahoma River Improvements EMBARK Boat Dock and MAPS4 Pedestrian Bridge City of Oklahoma City

    Public Notice Comment Comment Period for Boat Dock Improvements runs from March 6, 2024 to March 16, 2024 Public Notice Comment Period for MAPS4 Pedestrian Bridge runs from March 6, 2024 to March 16, 2024. Public notice documents with directions to make public comment are linked below. This Environmental Assessment (EA) evaluates the effects of the proposed construction of two (2) Oklahoma River improvement projects which will modify the Oklahoma River levee (federally constructed project). These improvement projects, construction of a boat dock and a pedestrian bridge, address the need for accessibility to the river documented in the 1993 Corridor Plan.
  • Keystone Dam Safety Modification Study Public Open House Workshops & 30-day Comment Period

    30 Day comment period for Keystone Dam Safety Modification Study begins March 6, 2024 and runs through April 5, 2024 Public open house workshops will be held March 13 and 14 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., at the Keystone State Park Community Center 1926 S Highway 151 Sand Springs, OK 74063. This project would raise the height of the Keystone Dam to reduce the risk of overtopping during significant flooding events. This would require the raising of the dam embankments and Highway 151, and the reconstruction of the stilling basin below Keystone Dam.
  • Public Notice Red River Chloride 30 day comment period, public informational meeting

    The Tulsa District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers established a 30-day public comment period related to closure of the Red River Chloride Control Project in four Texas counties and will host two public meetings to provide an overview of the purpose and scope of the study. The USACE will host informational, open-house style meetings at the Red River Authority of Texas offices in Wichita Falls, Texas, Feb. 26 from 5-8 p.m. and at the Kingston High School cafeteria, Kingston, Oklahoma, Feb. 27 from 5-8 p.m.
  • Public Notice Open House ScopingMeeting and 30-Day Comment Period Optima Lake Disposition Study, Texas County, Oklahoma

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District (USACE), is investigating the potential disposition of Optima Lake, Texas County, Oklahoma. Optima Lake was authorized by the Flood Control Act of 1936 and constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers beginning in 1966. The structure stretches approximately 15,000 feet across the North Canadian (Beaver) River. Authorized project features of Optima Lake being investigated include the earthen embankment, spillway, outlet works, and administration and maintenance building situated on approximately 13,247 acres of Government-owned land. Currently, authorized purposes for Optima Lake include flood control, water supply, recreation, and fish and wildlife. The USACE is preparing a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) document to disclose the potential adverse and beneficial impacts of disposition of these features, as well as the effects of continuous operation and maintenance of Optima Lake or portions of the project under different project purposes or leases with other Federal agencies and non-Federal entities who may be suited to take over operations and maintenance responsibilities.
  • After-Action Environmental Assessment for the Webbers Falls Pool and Robert S. Kerr Pool Emergency Dredging and Open Water Disposal

    This Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Tulsa District (SWT) to evaluate the Webbers Falls Pool and Robert S. Kerr Pool Emergency Dredging and Open Water Disposal. This EA is an assessment of potential impacts that have resulted from the implementation of the Emergency Action Alternative in comparison with the No Action Alternative. It has been prepared in accordance with 33 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 230 and the 1978 Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations 40 CFR Parts 1500-1508, as amended in 1986 and 2005, as reflected in the USACE Engineering Regulation (ER) 200-2-2. In fulfillment of these and all other legal, regulatory, and policy requirements, this EA describes the purpose and need for the action, the range of alternatives considered, and discloses the environmental impacts of the alternatives.
  • Phillips 66 Pipeline Replacement, Arkansas City Levee, Kaw Lake

    Phillips 66 Pipeline, LLC (P66, Requester) in Cowley County, Kansas, is proposing to replace a segment on its existing pipelines under the Arkansas River and adjacent Arkansas City Levee and within US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)-administered fee lands at the Kaw Lake Project (Figure 1), which is under the Jurisdiction of the USACE. The 10-inch diameter pipelines that carry petroleum products were installed circa 1920s and 1950s.
  • Tulsa River Parks Authority - Pedestrian Bridge Replacement

    The City of Tulsa -Tulsa River Parks Authority, in association with The Gathering Place Tulsa Community Foundation, is proposing to replace the Pedestrian Bridge across the Arkansas River in Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma (T19N R12E SN13) adjacent to the Zink Dam. Components of the pedestrian bridge replacement would impact Levee C of the Tulsa – West Tulsa (TWT) levee system, a federally constructed levee. The levee was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and after completion in 1945, ownership was transferred to the Tulsa County Drainage District No. 12 for continued operations, maintenance, repairs, rehabilitation, and replacement actions. The proposed alterations and modifications are operation and maintenance responsibilities of the non-Federal sponsor, the City of Tulsa, and will be implemented at no cost to the federal government. Site location maps are included below for reference.
  • Corps seeks public comment for Lake Texoma Shoreline Management Plan revision

    The 30-day public comment period for the review of the draft Lake Texoma Shoreline Management Plan revision begins Dec. 2 and will conclude Jan. 2. The Tulsa District is providing a virtual public involvement presentation to promote public education and input related to the draft Lake Texoma SMP. Virtual presentations are available at Links to the draft shoreline management plan, finding of no significant impact letter, public comment forms and shoreline management presentations, are available on the Tulsa District website at The Shoreline Management Plan addresses the rules and guidelines that govern private shoreline uses, such as private boat docks, vegetation modification, and similar uses of USACE federally owned fee property.
  • Corps finds ‘no significant impact’ for Lake Texoma revised shoreline management plan

    According to the Tulsa District’s “Finding of no significant impact” letter, available on the Tulsa District website and in the USACE Headquarters Library. - The FONSI letter is located at the USACE Headquarters Library at - No compensatory mitigation is required - Final draft environmental assessment and FONSI will be complete by January 2, 2021 - The SMP revision will have no effect on species listed in the Endangered Species Act of 1973 - All relevant environmental laws have been considered and agency coordination is complete - According to the FONSI letter, public review of the draft SMP, environmental assessment, and FONSI will be completed by January 2, 2021
  • Public Notice RepCorrection: After action environmental assessment for the Webbers pool and Robert S. Kerr pool emergency dredging and placement Information included in the below public notice, which was published Aug 28, included a presentation with incorrect information. The information is in the summary of the article. The video of the presentation was updated and provides corrected information. The public notice remains the same. The Tulsa District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is soliciting comments from the public and agencies on the potential effects of the emergency dredging and placement of dredged spoils activity that occurred during the spring and summer of 2019, as well as, the effects of the water drawdown, impact to the mussel population that was affected as a result of the drawdown, and mitigation efforts, on the Arkansas River, southeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The Corps has initiated an after action Environmental Assessment (EA) for this activity that occurred in the Webbers Pool and Robert S. Kerr Pool in Oklahoma.  The EA for this after action is authorized in Section 216 of the River and Harbor Flood Control Act of 1970 and Section 1202 of the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act of 2016.  The EA will assess how the action affected the human environment and to make the determination if the action was compliant with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  Your comments will help the Corps in development of this EA. In May and June 2019 record rainfall fell in Southeastern Kansas and Northeastern Oklahoma which caused widespread flooding in the region.  Approximately 15 Corps of Engineers reservoirs in the Upper Arkansas River Basin, Verdigris River Basin, and Grand (Neosho) River Basin, all within Tulsa District, flood pools were flooded to the top of their capacity.  With so many reservoirs at the top of their flood pool capacity, the Tulsa District managed reservoir releases so there was a balanced approach to evacuating flood waters from all pools.  Unfortunately, significant and in some cases, catastrophic flooding was unavoidable due to the received rainfall.  River flows, measured in cubic feet per second (CFS), were overwhelming within large portions of the river system.  Below Keystone Dam just west of Tulsa, the rate of river flow approached 300,000 CFS at its maximum volume and was flowing at 600,000 CFS at W.D. Mayo Dam Lock and Dam 14. The McLellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System (MKARNS) just downstream from the Arkansas River confluence with the Verdigris River and the Grand (Neosho) River had a sustained volume of well over 600,000 CFS over a duration of more than a week.  This increased river flow was carrying an enormous volume of sediment which was transported from the three upstream feeder river basins and was passed through upstream dams and into the Navigation System, where much of it was subsequently deposited.  Result of this increased sedimentation was 3 miles of river channel was clogged with an estimated 1,000,000 cubic yards of sediment.  This material had to be removed before the Navigation System could be reopened for navigable traffic and interstate commerce.  Therefore, the Tulsa District made the decision to commence dredging and dredge spoil operations prior to NEPA review so economic impacts to the region would be reduced. There was another complicating factor other than three miles of river channel being clogged with sedimentation.  On May 23, 2019 two fully-loaded barges moored in the Muskogee area tore loose and were carried downstream, where they collided with the dam at Webbers Falls and sunk.  The barges were forced against three of the structure's open gates.  The two sunken barges impeded the operation of the gates and those gates could not be closed, resulting in the drawdown of the pools and subsequent negative impacts to mussel populations.  Removal of these barges was dependent on the emergency dredging action, specifically the portion within the Robert S. Kerr pool.  The salvage crew hired for this task utilized a tow barge which the only feasible means of travel was up the McLellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System to the Webber Falls Lock and Dam. Pursuant to Section 102 of the NEPA as implemented by the regulations promulgated by the Council on Environmental Quality (40 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 1500-1508 and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Engineering Regulation 200-2-2), an Environmental Assessment will be conducted to ensure compliance with the NEPA and appropriate environmental laws, regulations, agency policies and guidance, and executive orders, and to provide any necessary mitigation as a result of impacts from the emergency dredging, discharge of dredged material, and draw down of the pool.  Our office would like to solicit any input you may have with respect to this after action environmental assessment for the Webbers Pool and Robert S. Kerr Pool Emergency Dredging and Placement to assist us as we progress through the NEPA process.  A brief presentation regarding this action is available starting on August 20, 2020, on the Tulsa District website:   We look forward to receiving your written comments, which are due by September 20, 2020.  Please contact Mr. Jeff Knack, Chief, Natural Resources and Recreation Branch, Tulsa District, by mail U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2488 E 81st Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma  74137-4290, email at, or telephone at (918) 669-7660 with comments, questions, or the need for further information.


  • Army Corps of Engineers modifying operations at recreation areas due to Coronavirus

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) announced today that it has begun the orderly shutdown of all USACE-managed campgrounds to protect against the further spread of coronavirus disease 2019. Visitor centers, beaches, special events, and USACE-sponsored events such as shore sweeps, interpretive programs, Kids to Parks Day, Earth Day events, public meetings and other public gatherings at all USACE-managed sites and facilities have also been closed and/or put on hold until further notice.  
  • Tulsa West Tulsa Levee Feasibility Study

    Tulsa West Tulsa Feasibility Study State and Agency Review Documents.
  • Corps to host public information meetings for Lake Texoma shoreline management plan revision at Pottsboro, Kingston high schools

    Tulsa District, USACE will host public meetings for the Lake Texoma Shoreline Management Plan Revision Jan. 29 and Jan. 30. Meetings will be held in Pottsboro, Texas at Pottsboro High School Jan 29, and at Kingston High School in Kingston, Oklahoma, Jan. 30.
  • NEPA NOTICE: City of Edmond Arcadia Lake Water Treatment Plant Expansion

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is soliciting your comments on the project referenced above. The City of Edmond, Oklahoma, in cooperation with USACE, is preparing an Environmental Assessment, in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969, to assess impacts of the proposed WTP expansion project. Please provide any written comments you may have to Dr. David Gade, Limnologist, Environmental Branch, Regional Planning and Environmental Center, by mail to the address listed in the release.
  • Army Corps of Engineers waives fees on National Public Lands Day, Sept. 28

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will waive day use fees for boat ramps and swim beaches at recreation areas nationwide. All Tulsa District projects with day use fees and swim beaches are participating provided the projects are open. This waiver does not apply to camping or camping-related services. Concessionaires who lease Corps property are encouraged but not required to participate.
  • Notice of Availability: Draft Feasibility Report with integrated Environmental Assessment for the Tulsa AND West-Tulsa Levees Feasibility Study, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

    Notice that Draft Tulsa West Tulsa Levee Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment will be available on the Tulsa District Website on Sept. 16, 2019. Draft Report is available online at
  • Preston takes command of Tulsa District

    The Tulsa District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers welcomed a new commander during a change of command ceremony presided over by the Southwestern Division Commander, today.Brigadier Gen. Paul Owen, Southwestern Division Commander, received the USACE flag from the outgoing commander, Col. Chistopher A. Hussin and passed it to Col. Scott Preston during
  • Tulsa District Activates Emergency Operations Center

    Tulsa District activated its emergency operations center on May 9. The EOC is significant because it allows the Corps of Engineers to provide support directly to state emergency operations centers.
  • Corps to Hold Public Workshop for Tulsa West Tulsa Levee Feasibility Study

    Public Workshop for Tulsa West Tulsa Levee System Feasibility Study at Case Community Center in Sand Springs, Oklahoma 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Representatives from Tulsa District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Tulsa County Levee Drainage District 12 will be present to answer questions. No formal presentation, open house format to allow the public to ask and submit questions at each station.
  • Corps Hosts Public Workshop for Keystone Dam Safety Modification Study

    This is a public workshop for the Keystone Dam Safety Modification Study. The study will look at potential options to protect the dam from overtopping a statistically remote flood event. This public workshop is not formal. People can come and go as they please. The Corps will have representatives available to answer questions.