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Fishing and Hunting

  • Keep clear of boat channels, skiing, and swimming areas.
  • Be careful when casting.
  • If trolling, watch water ahead and traffic.
  • Be considerate of others.
  • Know the correct way to carry a gun.
  • Treat every gun as if it is loaded.
  • Always point the gun muzzle in a safe direction.
  • Be sure of your target.
  • Keep the saftey on or the chamber unloaded until ready to fire.
  • Never lay a loaded gun on the bottom of a boat.  

Camping and Picnicking

Easy access to four developed park areas has made the lake a mecca for families who enjoy camping, picnicking, swimming, boating, fishing, and other outdoor recreation.  


  • Don't overload your boat.
  • Boats must not approach closer to the dam than indicated by warning signs or safety buoy line.
  • If your boat upsets, stick with it and use it as a life preserver.
  • Standing in a boat that is underway can lead to disaster.
  • Help a boat in distress. Give help and if you need help, ask for it.
  • Know the laws concerning boating. 
  • Each boat must have a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device for each passenger.
  • Children under 13 years of age in or on vessels under 26 feet must wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved wearable PFD while underway. 


  • Swim and wade only where you are familiar with the water depths and the bottom.
  • Don't swim alone. There is safety in numbers.
  • Be sure water is deep enough for diving.  
  • Be careful of overestimating your swimming ability. Water distances are deceiving.
  • Swimmers should avoid regular boat channels, launching ramps, and docks.


Barber Hills Mountain Bike and Hiking Trail is a series of trails running from the Overlook parking area to Sanders Cove - C Loop camping area.  These trails have something for everyone, offering trails suitable for the novice to the advanced biker and hiker.  The trails are constructed and maintained strictly by volunteers.  Follow the links on our Other Recreation Links page by clicking here.