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Posted 2/13/2017

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By Thomas Mills

The seventh annual Meet the Corps Day was held Feb. 8 at the Tulsa Technical Center’s campus in Owasso, Oklahoma.

The event is designed to give out information to businesses about upcoming Tulsa District contracts and to promote effective business relationships, said Gene Snyman, Tulsa District Small Business Office deputy.

“The most important factor is that we have all of our own folks there,” said Snyman.

District personnel were on hand from the offices of project management, contracting, engineering construction, and from the operations division, which includes lake office leaders.

Those district personnel, said Snyman, can give the business representatives first hand and detailed information on what the future contracts are going to entail.  Businesses attending the event also have an opportunity to team up to go after contracts, said Snyman.

This year there were approximately 360 attendees, representing more than 150 businesses from 34 states.

Businesses were also able to meet with other governmental agencies like the Small Business Administration and the Veterans Administration to get information on other beneficial government programs.

Besides helping businesses the event also helps Tulsa District as it creates a better choice and competition for the district when awarding contracts, said Snyman.

“Really the event is to set people up for success,” said Snyman.  “We need all the businesses to be able to execute our mission and this is really one the best ways for us to reach out and find contractors.”