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Eufaula powerhouse mural artist revisits artwork

Eufaula Powerhouse Specialist
Published Sept. 25, 2012
Monroe Moore poses with the mural he painted in 1968 in the Eufaula Powerhouse lobby.

Monroe Moore poses with the mural he painted in 1968 in the Eufaula Powerhouse lobby.

Prior to September 11, 2001, hydroelectric powerhouse tours were conducted in many of the Tulsa District’s eight hydroelectric powerhouses, including the Eufaula powerhouse at Eufaula Lake. When visitors entered the lobby area at Eufaula, they were greeted by a wall-size mural painted by Monroe Moore in 1968.

Moore, now 86, lives in Gore, Okla. and recently visited the powerhouse and spoke to current powerhouse employee John Bray about the mural.

“I called him to inquire if he could come to the powerhouse for a visit to pass on some information about his mural as I have never seen any information on it here,” Bray said. “I realized he may be getting up in his years and it would be nice to get this information from him while he was still available to pass it on.”

Moore brought a replica sketch which had all of the items numbered and a short description of each. He had sketched this at the same time he painted the mural. The painting key will be preserved and stored at the powerhouse.

“Should we start public powerhouse tours again someday, the key will be very beneficial in answering the many questions that have been and surely will be asked in the future,” Bray said.

Moore also worked on the construction of Eufaula Dam and Powerhouse in the late 50s and early 60s and he shared stories about the project during his visit with Bray.

He also painted similar but smaller murals at Robert S Kerr Powerhouse, Choteau Lock and Dam, and Newt Graham Lock and Dam.