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Employee Spotlight: Sally Vanwinkle

Sallisaw Navigation Project Office
Published Oct. 24, 2012
Sally VanWinkle, administrative assistant, Eastern Area Office

Sally VanWinkle, administrative assistant, Eastern Area Office

Sally Vanwinkle, administrative support specialist, splits her time between the Webbers Falls and Sallisaw navigation offices, and her presence is always felt at the office she graces for the day. Her kind nature and giving spirit are well-known to friends, family and coworkers.

Originally from Leeper, Penn., Vanwinkle moved to Washington D.C., one of her favorite places to this day, where she worked as a clerk stenographer and enjoyed the historical value of the beautiful city, visiting monuments and taking in the culture. This is where she met her late husband, Rip. They moved to Kansas before settling in Tulsa, Okla., where they lived for 16 years. In 1978, they moved to Fort Gibson, Okla., where Vanwinkle currently resides. Her move to Oklahoma is what landed her at the Corps.

Vanwinkle has been a Corps employee for 32 years now, and when asked what she likes most about her job, she quickly answers, “Everything! I like the variety. It’s always busy in every direction; you’re always learning something new every day.” She added, “I think that is what keeps your job alive.”

When not at work, she is enjoying some of her favorite hobbies which include reading and gardening. Her love of the outdoors is what got her started gardening, where she plants roses, tulips, and mums. Gardening is her way of relaxing and relieving stress. “I like being outdoors,” said Vanwinkle. “When you’re gardening you don’t have any thoughts in your head, just the joy of being outside. It clears your mind.”

When her weekends are clear, Vanwinkle generally spends them going shopping, visiting friends, and going to garage sales. This mother of two, known as “Grammy” to seven grandchildren is also a middle child with older twin sisters, a brother, a younger sister, and a half-sister. She has no typical middle-child angst, however.’

“I never thought about being the middle child,” said Vanwinkle. “I just accepted the way things were and the way we grew up.”

Accepting is an adjective easily applied to VanwinkleS, who brightens each day at the office with her warmth and energy.

Quick Facts

Name: Sally Vanwinkle
Title: Administrative Support Specialist
Hometown: Leeper, Penn.
Favorite Flower: Rose
Favorite Food: barbecue
Favorite Place: Washington D.C.
Married to her late husband for 49 years
2 kids, 7 grandkids