El Dorado Lake News and Notices

Parks are open

The closure of federal recreation areas does not affect El Dorado Lake.  All recreational facilities are Kansas State Parks. 

Water Safety

The Corps wants to encourage the public to come enjoy the lake and all its amenities this upcoming weekend. We also want to encourage our visitors to use caution while boating, fishing, or swimming. Watch Your Children! Each year about 200 children drown and several thousand others are treated in hospitals for submersion accidents, accidents which leave children with permanent brain damage and respiratory health problems. Remember, it only takes a few seconds for a small child to wander away and as little as 8 seconds for a child to drown. Children have a natural curiosity and attraction to water. Watch your children at all times when around the water and ensure that everyone wears a proper-fitting lifejacket.  For more information about water safety visit our water safety page.