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Pertinent Data

Authorization: Flood Control Act approved October 23, 1962, Project Document HD 563, 87th Congress, 2d Session.

Location:   Birch Lake is located on Birch Creek in Osage County, Oklahoma. The dam site is at mile 0.8 of Birch Creek approximately one and one half miles south of the of the town of Barnsdall and about twenty miles southwest of the city of Bartlesville.

Status: Completed

Purpose: Flood control, water supply, water quality control, recreation, and fish and wildlife.

History of Construction: Construction began in November 1973 and the impoundment ceremony was held in March 1977.

Type of Structure: The dam is a rolled earth-filled embankment about 3,193 feet long and rises to a maximum height of about 97 feet above the streambed, and has a top width of 32 feet..  A 24 foot wide surfaced roadwayruns along the crest of the dam.

Spillway & Outlet Works: The uncontrolled spillway consists of a concrete sill and a short apron located in a saddle adjacent to the left abutment. The spillway has a bottom width of 135 feet and a design capacity of 37,200 cfs at the maximum pool. The flood control outlet works consist of a 7.5- by 10.33-foot oblong conduit operated by two 3.75- by 8.5-foot slide gates with an invert elevation at 711.0. The intake structure has a wet well with three inlets at invert elevations 727.5, 735.0, and 743.0. The wet well provides flow to a 12-inch water supply pipe and a 12-inch low-flow pipe. The water supply pipe is embedded in concrete below the conduit. The low-flow pipe empties into the conduit.

Hydrologic Data: The flood of record occurred in May 1943 with an estimated peak discharge of 11,600 cfs and a volume of 32,930 acre-feet, which is equivalent to 9.36 inches of runoff from the upstream drainage area.