Fishing -- The A area of the Canadian campground provides fishing access for the physically challenged.    

Other areas of (non-designated) access include the asphalt parking area along the shoreline at the Big Bend day use area and a section of the Big Bend B area campground . -- Floating docks are located at most of the boat ramps and are available for all of the public's use. These docks are for loading and unloading only (Swimming and fishing from the docks is prohibited). They feature handrails and wooden decking, which facilitate limited access by some physically challenged persons. -- There are three rock jetties at the front of the dam, which have grout on the tops of them to provide a safer walking surface, as well as to protect the jetties from erosion. The walkway to the jetty is very steep and is packed rock/gravel surface. These jetties are very popular with fishermen and have fish attractors, however, a physically challenged person may not be able to get down to the jetty. Once a person gets to the jetty itself, access to fishing is excellent. -- Several of the recreation areas around the lake have picnic sites, or camping sites, which are on the shoreline. Fishermen use these areas frequently. There are no special provisions made at these sites, but most are asphalt parking, fairly flat for ease in walking a short distance or for using a wheelchair. -- Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) managed lands have several access points where fishing can be done without going far from your vehicle. Wheelchairs can be used in these areas due to the compaction of the ground surface.

Hunting -- ODWC has several locations that are designated as non-ambulatory hunting trails where ATVs are authorized. There are several locations that are close to the road, providing easy access to hunt. They also have a parking area and two boat ramps located in the middle of excellent waterfowl habitat. Information on these locations can be obtained from the Canton Lake Wildlife Area Manager by calling (580)541-5346