Sunset over Copan Lake
Turtle at Copan Lake
Sunset at Copan Lake
Sunset at Copan Lake

Copan Lake Recreation

Fishing and Hunting

With the large, uncleared areas and artificial fish shelters that were constructed prior to impoundment, the lake offers excellent habitat for many species of game fish such as Largemouth Bass, White Crappie, Channel and Flathead Catfish and various species of Sunfish. The lake has also received an experimental stocking of the hybrid cross between the White Bass and the Striped Bass, more commonly called the "Wiper."

A large portion of the project land has been set aside to be managed for wildlife. This done through a cooperative effort between the Corps of Engineers and the state wildlife departments in both Oklahoma (Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation) and Kansas (Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks). The seasons and bag limits for all species of fish and game will be set by the wildflife departments in their respective states. The game species and their relative abundance is as follows: Deer (abundant), Morning Dove (fair), Waterfowl (good), Bobwhite Quail (good), Turkey (fair), Cottontail Rabbit (good), and Squirrel (good).

Camping, Picnicking and Swimming

Washington Cove and Post Oak Parks are Class A camping with full facilities. Washington Cove is looked after by gate attendants during the entire summer recreation season. Gates are locked at 10:00 p.m. each night and are opened at 6:00 a.m. each morning. Post Oak is left open every night for those of you who arrive at the lake late or need to get up and around early in the morning. Collection of fees are conducted by uniformed ranger staff. Osage Plains is a free area with minimum camping and boat launching facilities. Copan Point day use recreation area offers boat launching and courtesy docks, swimming beach and facilities, a reservable group shelter, and day use picnic sites. 


Boating on the lake is in accordance with Oklahoma and Kansas boating laws and Corps of Engineers regulations. Operate your boat in a controlled, safe manner at all times. Copan Lake has numerous underwater hazards. Be especially watchful for submerged stumps, logs, fences, and other obstructions -- particularly in shallow water and along the shoreline. 


With over 30 miles of shoreline and nearly 16,000 land and water acres, Copan Lake offers numerous opportunities for exceptional wildlife viewing and sightseeing. Come visit Copan Lake and witness the beauty of nature firsthand.