Fort Supply Lake News and Notices

Access Road Information

Gates have been installed on both ends of the upper embankment road and it is permanently closed to through traffic. The lower road is the primary access road for all traffic. During times of high water, all traffic will be diverted to the north entrance at US270 & NS193 Rd 

Lake Safety Information

Oklahoma weather is hard to predict, so remember to get the forecast before launching your boat, and remember to always wear your life jacket while on the lake. Combine cold water and wind and a person is in real danger of the effects of hypothermia, a severe cooling of the body. Outdoor enthusiasts who cannot, or choose not to heed the affects of hypothermia can find themselves facing death. A life jacket worn by a person who has fallen overboard will help keep the body heat contained for a longer period of time and may also keep him from drowning should he become unconscious due to hypothermia. You can be located a lot easier out in the lake if you are wearing a brightly colored life jacket. So, don't take your life jacket for granted. It can save your life.