US Army Corps of Engineers
Tulsa District

Keystone Lake News and Notices

Park Closures due to High Water

The east loop of Cowskin South, the entire park at Appalachia Bay and the ATV trails are currently closed due to flooding and debris.



Appalachia Bay ATV Area Rules

Maximum width is 52 inches or less, the trails are too narrow to be navigated by larger ATV's.

Riding is only allowed in the designated areas.  Please view the map at the entrance of the park to identify designated areas.

ATV's may be operated from the gravel parking lot and campsites to the island traveling at idle speeds only. 


Safety Message - Under Water Hazards

Keystone Lake has numerous underwater hazards. Be especially watchful for submerged stumps, logs, particularly in shallow water and along shoreline. This is especially important during periods when the lake level is below normal. Sudden swift rises may occur when water is being released for power below the dam. A horn will sound when water releases begin and during the time water is being released. Heed the warning.