Hawthorn Bluff Park has a wheelchair accessible shower/toilet building; two wheelchair accessible campsites with electricity, water, and paved parking spot; and a wheelchair accessible courtesy dock, picnic shelter and amphitheater. Spencer Creek Park and Blue Creek Park each have a wheelchair accessible shower/toilet building and two wheelchair accessible campsites with electricity, water and paved parking spots. Blue Creek Park also has a wheelchair accessible picnic shelter. All the parks have shoreline areas that are accessible to wheelchairs. Goose Island is designated as a non-ambulatory hunting area. There are currently two wheelchair accessible hunting blinds on Goose Island available only to non-ambulatory individuals.

Each year the Oologah lake office hosts a non-ambulatory deer hunt in the Hawthorn bluff area. Many area volunteers are on hand to assist. We transport participants to and from hunting areas where blinds are available located near a food plot. Meals, deer processing and other assistance is also provided. Hunters may apply through the ODWC controlled hunt program.