Pertinent Data


 Authorization: Flood Control Act approved June 28, 1938, Committee Document 1, 75th Congress, 1st Session. The power portion of the proposed two-stage development was authorized by Public Law 761, Section 4, in the River and Harbor Act approved July 24, 1946 and deauthorized by Public Law 93-251 on March 7, 1974.

Location: On the Verdigris River at river mile 90.2, about 2 miles southeast of Oologah in Rogers County, Oklahoma, and about 27 miles northeast of Tulsa in Tulsa County, Oklahoma.

Status: Complete.

Purpose: Flood control, water supply, navigation, recreation, and fish and wildlife.

History of Construction: Construction began in July 1950. The project was placed in standby status in October 1951 after the right abutment access road was constructed. Construction resumed in December 1955 and was completed in May 1963. Construction of the project for ultimate development was initiated in July 1967. All structures were completed in 1974.

Type of Structure: The dam is a rolled earth-filled embankment about 4,000 feet long and rises to a maximum height of about 137 feet above the streambed. State Highway 88 is located along the crest of the dam. The dike is 3,330 feet long (STA. 110 to 3,440), with a maximum height of 30’, and a design crest height of 685.

Spillway & Outlet Works: The controlled spillway is located in a saddle about 2 miles east of the left abutment. It consists of seven 40- by 21-foot- high radial gates mounted upon a modified concrete ogee weir section with the crest at elevation 640.0. The outlet works consist of two 19-foot-diameter conduits, each served by two 9- by 19-foot gates. One conduit could serve as a power penstock in the event power production proved desirable. The capacity of each conduit is 8,786 cubic feet per second (cfs) with the reservoir at elevation 638.0 and 10,414 cfs at elevation 661.0. A 48-inch low-flow pipe is provided for small releases. With all gates, conduits and low-flow open to full capacity at elevation 666.0 the maximum releases is 173,105. The estimated channel capacity of the Verdigris River below the dam site is 30,000 cfs.

Hydrologic Data: Peak Inflow for the May 2019 flood was 209,500 cfs on with a discharge of 64,500 cfs. It reached an elevation of 665.82’ and saw an inflow volume of 2,359,631 acre-feet over that month. Equivalent runoff is 10.2 inches.  Peak flow and volume for the May and June 1943 flood (pre-construction) were 138,000 cfs and 2,179,000 acre-feet, respectively.  Total runoff from the drainage area above the dam site during that flood was 9.42 inches.