Sardis Lake Recreation

Fishing and Hunting

Since impoundment in January of 1983, Sardis has offered fishing enthusiast over 14,000 acres of possible excitement. Fishing in Buffalo, Anderson, and North and South Jackfork Creeks had always offered plenty of success. Add to this the fish stocking program carried out by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and you have a formula for success! Species stocked include channel and blue catfish, bass including smallmouth, native largemouth and Florida largemouth and forage fish like threadfin shad and bluegill. Large areas of timber and brush were left standing to provide plenty of habitat. Also brush shelters have been placed strategically through out the lake area. These shelters have been marked by buoys. Excellent fishing for bass, crappie, and catfish will continue to be the key elements of Sardis popularity.

For the avid hunter, Sardis offers over 8,000 acres open for hunting. The principal game species include wild turkey, squirrel and waterfowl. All hunting and fishing is regulated by State and Federal laws, and the same licenses are required as in other parts of Oklahoma. Public hunting maps that show open and restricted areas are available at the Sardis Project Office and on this website.

Camping and Picnicking

There are three campgrounds located around the lake offering various facilities including general hookups, restrooms, showering facilities, and fishing docks. The lake also has facilities for group camping and picnic shelters equipped with tables, electricity and large outdoor cooking grills.


Boat ramps are available at Potato Hills South, Sardis Cove, and The Narrows. Each boat operator is responsible for knowing and applying Oklahoma Boating Laws and Corps of Engineers Regulations. Buoys are the "road signs of the waterways" so please observe their instruction and always operate your boat in a safe and courteous manner. Regulations governing the operations, safety, and equipment requirements for recreational boats may be obtained at the Sardis Project Office.


The area around Sardis Lake offers a majestic setting common to Southeastern Oklahoma. The Jackfork Creek Basin in which Sardis lies is enclosed by the Jackfork Mountains to the west, the Winding Stair Mountains to the north, and the Potato HIlls to the northeast. A wide variety of vegetation offers a panorama of color each season. Flowering dogwood and redbud in the spring, wildflowers like the Indian Paint Brush, tall gayfeather and many species bloom in the summer and each autumn the mountains turn every color in the rainbow. Also, many species of the upland game, waterfowl, and birds of prey can be seen through out the year. We don't want to forget the sunsets, they don't get any better.


The Lost Buffalo Trail is located in the Potato Hills Recreation Area. The trail connects Potato Hills Central camping area to Potato Hills South camping area and ends at Potato Hills south beach area and can be entered from each point. Named for the buffalo which once roamed this very area, the trail meanders through a diverse forest community. The trail is 3/4 mile in length and has been cleared and marked for easy location. If you stop and listen you may still hear the thunder from the large herds of buffalo that once lived here.