Pertinent Data

Authorization: Flood Control Act approved October 23, 1962; Project Document HD 563, 87th Congress, 2d Session.

Location: At river mile 14.3 on Hominy Creek, a tributary of Bird Creek in the Verdigris River Basin, about 5 miles west of Skiatook in Osage County, Oklahoma, and about 18 miles northwest of Tulsa in Tulsa County, Oklahoma.

Status: Complete.

Purpose: Flood control, water supply, water quality control, recreation, and fish and wildlife.

History of Construction: Construction started in January 1974, and impoundment occurred on October 31, 1984.

Type of Structure: The dam is a rolled earth-filled embankment 3,590 feet long, including the spillway, and rises 143 feet above the streambed. The embankment has a crown width of 32 feet.

Spillway & Outlet Works: The uncontrolled spillway is concrete-lined and is located in the right abutment. The spillway has a bottom width of 100 feet, a crest elevation of 732.0, and a design capacity of 21,700 cubic feet per second (cfs). The outlet works includes a gate tower with selective intakes; a 10.5-foot conduit tunneled through the right abutment serviced by two 4.67- by 10.5-foot gates; a 2.5- by 5.0-foot low-flow sluice; and a 36-inch water supply pipe. The outlet works have a design capacity of 4,400 cfs.

Hydrologic Data: The flood of record occurred on May 26th, 2019 with a peak discharge of 5,865 cfs at the Skiatook gage and a peak inflow into the lake of 117,729 cfs.  The largest monthly volume of record, 272,434 acre-feet, occurred in May 2019 flood (pre-construction) and is equivalent to 14.4 inches of runoff from the drainage area above the dam site.