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Navigation Notices

  • TD 2020-5 W.D. Mayo, Lock Operation During Dedging

    DREDGING: W. D. MAYO L&D No. 14Lock Operations Suspended During Daylight Hours:  Upstream and Downstream Lock Approach: NM 319.6McCLELLAN-KERR ARKANSAS RIVER NAVIGATION SYSTEM, OKLAHOMA Lock Operations at W.D. Mayo L&D No. 14 will be suspended during daylight hours  March 4 through 6, 2020.  Significant shoaling is present in both the upstream and
  • TD 2020-4, R.S. Kerr Pool Dredging Complete

    R.S. KERR POOL No. 15Dredging CompleteMcCLELLAN-KERR ARKANSAS RIVER NAVIGATION SYSTEM, OKLAHOMA Dredging Operations in R.S. Kerr Pool No. 15 are complete.  The Navigation Pool will be maintained at Elevation 460.0.   Waterway users are asked to check with Lock No. 15 for the latest information.  Questions or request for additional information
  • TD 2020-3, Webbers Falls, Dredging

    DREDGING: WEBBERS FALLS POOL No. 16NM 380.0 to 381.0 (Salt Creek)McCLELLAN-KERR ARKANSAS RIVER NAVIGATION SYSTEM, OKLAHOMA Contractor dredging operations have begun near Salt Creek, Webbers Falls Pool No. 16 between NM 380.0 and NM 381.0.  Dredging is expected to last approximately two months, concluding in April 2020.  While dredging operations
  • TD 2020-2 Shoaling Newt Graham Pool 18

    SHOALING: Newt Graham Pool 18; NM 444.8 to 445.0 (Tulsa Port of Catoosa Entrance/Exit)McCLELLAN-KERR ARKANSAS RIVER NAVIGATION SYSTEM, OKLAHOMA Newt Graham Pool No. 18 has significant shoaling between NM 444.8 - 445.0.  Vessels should favor the green side upon entrance/exit to the Tulsa Port of Catoosa.  A deviation remains in effect holding the
  • TD 2020-1 R.S. Kerr Pool 15 Dredging

    DREDGING: R.S.Kerr Pool 15, NM 365.7 to 366.3(Webbers Falls Downstream Lock Approach)McCLELLAN-KERR ARKANSAS RIVER NAVIGATION SYSTEM, OKLAHOMA Contractor dredging operations will begin Monday 6 January 2020 near the Webbers Falls downstream approach between NM 365.7 and NM 366.3.  Dredging operations are expected to last approximately three weeks,
  • TD 2019-21.2 R.S. Kerr Pool No.15, Sailing Instructions

    SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: R.S. KERR POOL No. 15NM 346.0 to 349.0. McCLELLAN-KERR ARKANSAS RIVER NAVIGATION SYSTEM, OKLAHOMA Dredging for R. S. Kerr Pool 15 has been completed between NM 346-349, Sand Town Bottoms. Full width and depth of channel has been restored.  This Navigation Notice will be updated as more information becomes available.  Waterway
  • TD 2019-21.1 R.S. Kerr Sailing Line Amendment

    SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: R.S. KERR POOL No. 15NM 346.0 to 349.0; NM 355.0 to 356.0 and NM 366.0 to 366.3 McCLELLAN-KERR ARKANSAS RIVER NAVIGATION SYSTEM, OKLAHOMA R.S. Kerr Pool No. 15 has significant shoaling between NM 346.0 to 349.0, NM 355.0 to 356.0 and NM 366.0 to 366.3.  These areas have been marked with buoys, see below for sailing
  • TD 2019-24 Newt Graham Small Craft Notice

    NOTICE OF “SMALL CRAFTS” USE CAUTION WHEN TRANSITING NM 441.3 to NM 444.0 McCLELLAN-KERR ARKANSAS RIVERNAVIGATION SYSTEM, OKLAHOMA  The University of Tulsa Women’s Rowing Team will be hosting the Tulsa Fall Invitational Regatta on November 1st and 2nd.     During this racing event, there will be a large number of small craft in a concentrated area
  • TD 2019-23 Chouteau Pool Sailing Instructions

    SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: CHOUTEAU POOL No. 17: NM 421.0 to 421.3McCLELLAN-KERR ARKANSAS RIVER NAVIGATION SYSTEM, OKLAHOMAChouteau Pool No. 17 has significant shoaling between NM 421.0 to 421.3.  This area is not marked at this time.  Run the green line NM 421.0 to 421.3 and stay 15’ off the end of long wall upon entrance and/ or exit into Lock 18.This
  • TD 2019-22 Webbers Falls Sailing Instructions

    SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: WEBBERS FALLS POOL No. 16NM 380.0 to 381.0 and NM 400.0 to 400.3 McCLELLAN-KERR ARKANSAS RIVER NAVIGATION SYSTEM, OKLAHOMA Webbers Fall Pool No. 16 has significant shoaling between NM 380.0 to 381.0 and NM 400.0 to 400.3.  These areas are not marked at this time, see below for sailing instruction. NM 380.1 to 381.3 – Entire

Recreational Lockage Policy

Locking at 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 on the Oklahoma portion of the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System is available to recreational boaters 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

Oklahoma Lock and Dam Phone numbers:

W. D. Mayo L&D 14.............(918) 962-3481
Robert S. Kerr L&D 15.........(918) 775-2091
Webbers Falls L&D 16.........(918) 489-5987
Chouteau L&D 17................(918) 687-4501
Newt Graham L&D 18..........(918) 543-2216

For additional information concerning Navigation issues contact:

Navigation Project Office
HC 61 BOX 238
Phone: (918) 775-4475