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Brush Pile Information in Oklahoma

Brush Piles otherwise known as "Fish Attractors" create perfect habitat and shelter for fish.  Basically, they are brush, tree limbs or discarded Christmas trees that are bundled with an anchor and submerged under water.  These strategically located attractors can increase your chance for catching fish by angling on or near these submerged piles.

Contact Skiatook and Birch Lakes for information concerning brush pile locations on those lakes. 
 Lake has text files for the Lat/Long information on the locations of their brush piles available for download, as well as, GPX and USR files.

For their information: Click Here

Many of our Oklahoma projects work with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and local volunteers to create these underwater habitats.  The Department also is licensed to manage many land and water areas on Corps of Engineer projects.

Visit the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's page.  There you will find the rules and regulations governing fishing and helpful information concerning fishing opportunities in Oklahoma. 

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Survey Boundary Plats

Follow the link below to the available plats for Tulsa District's projects.  Some are available in an expandable text format and arranged by Township and Range, others are available through links to the USACE Digital Library.

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For survey boundary plats not available on this site contact the project.  You can find the projects contact information on this website.