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Pertinent Data

This lake is a brine storage area for brine collected at Area VIII of the chloride control project.

Bateman Pump Station consists of a low flow dam, a pumphouse and a service road. The low flow dam is a deflatable fabric weir which extends across the existing stream channel to impound a pool from which the water is pumped through a 22-mile pipeline into Truscott Brine Lake.

Structure: Truscott Brine Lake consists of a rolled earthfill embankment, an uncontrolled spillway, and a right abutment access road connecting an existing county road to the relocated county road. The dam, which rises 100 feet above the streambed and has a total length of 14,800 feet, contains approximately 7,000,000 cubic yards of compacted earth. The lake will have a surface area of 3,100 acres with a storage capacity of 116,200 acre-feet when filled to the spillway crest.

Construction of the project was started in 1977 and was completed in May 1987.

Location: Truscott Brine Lake is located on Bluff Creek, a south bank tributary of the north fork of the Wichita River, about three miles north and one and one-half miles west of Truscott, in Knox County, Texas.

Status: Completed