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  • June

    Tulsa District Flood Status Update

    Here is the current information about the status of Tulsa District projects above 25 percent of flood pool or forecast to rise above 25 percent full.
  • May

    High water impacts to Tulsa District Corps recreation areas

    The Tulsa District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced today a list of temporary recreation closures due to high water from recent rain events in the district. This list will be updated as needed. Visitors should note that this is a dynamic situation and this information could change within a few hours depending upon rainfall. It is best to call the lake office to check on campsite and boat ramp availability or go to before going to the lake.
  • October

    Hunters, fishermen and boaters – be cautious of cold water

    Autumn is a time when many hunters and anglers take to the woods or lake for a day of hunting or fishing. Very few consider that they may not return from their outing because of drowning or succumbing to hypothermia. The fact is that drowning is a leading cause of death among outdoorsmen and unexpectedly finding yourself in cold water can bring on hypothermia much faster than one might think.